Our mission is to provide six years of educational and cultural experiences to academically motivated, but economically disadvantaged students, starting in the 7th grade, to promote college access and a lifetime of success.

  • Children who come from low income families tend to believe that college is not a viable option for them.
  • College access and success is the most viable way out of poverty
  • Learning outside the formal classroom is essential for every child.
  • Student who come from low-income families should have the smae educational and cultural enrichment opportunities that more afflent students have
  • Having a teacher/mentor/advocate helps bridge the educational and cultural divide
  • Every child should have the opportunity to enter and succeed at higher education and they should not be limited by their environment
Following a rigorous admission process, our scholars are provided a mentor throughout the six year program. The goal of the program is to enable our scholars to qualify for entry into four year universities with scholarship aid. This is accomplished by exposing the students to a variety of educational and cultural enrichment activities and college access guidance. These activities are similar to what a middle class family would provide for their college bound children. Examples of outings and activities include trips to museums, concerts, sporting events and restaurants. In addition, mentors and scholars visit local and national colleges of interest in California, in the Midwest and on the East Coast.

Since 1996, PSP has inducted 567 scholars throughout California.

  • We have 270 scholars currently located in 9 school districts in Northern and Southern California. El Monte, Fort Bragg, Lennox, Mendocino, Oakland, San Fernando, Ukiah, Venice, Wiseburn
  • 194 of our high school graduates are attending or graduated from 61 colleges located all over the United States including Brown, Columbia, Duke, Georgetown, Harvard,  Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, USC and Berkeley.
  • 100% of our recent high school graduates in 2009, 2010, 2011 have been accepted to four year colleges
  • Six of our scholars have been named Gates Millennium Scholars
  • The average dollar amount that scholars receive in college financial and scholarship aid is $88,000