Dear Mentors,

Thank you for all you do to support PSP Scholars! You play an incredibly valuable role in helping our Scholars build their understanding of the world around them and succeed in achieving their college goals.

In an effort to make mentoring as easy as possible, we have posted PSP program materials and important forms here. Please email if you have any trouble with downloading or to suggest additional resources.

Thank you!

PSP Staff

NEW! Click here to see PSP’s newest Mentor Discussion Guides! These guides were created to help mentors build meaningful relationships with their scholars, and help you as you guide scholars through high school toward college. PSP is grateful to the Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation for the financial support that made creating these tools possible. 

Partnership Scholars Core Program: Outlines the experiences and activities you should introduce your Scholar(s) to over the six years of the program.

REVISED PSP Handbook for 2017-18 Explains the roles and expectations of PSP mentors, scholars and families and provides in the form of a Q&A. This information includes updates based on questions we have received from mentors and scholars over the past year.

NEW! PSP Scholar Participation Agreement:  PSP Scholar Expectations Agreement: At the start of the 2017-18 school year, each scholar was asked to sign this agreement, outlining the expectations PSP has for each scholar in terms of program participation and communications. It’s also available in Spanish. Please let PSP staff know if you feel a scholar is not living up to these expectations.

Waiver for One-Day OutingsUse this form for any one-day outings you and your scholars go on together. (In other words, use for anything that doesn’t last overnight.)  You can type into this form (open with Adobe) or print it out. Please be sure to have parents/guardians sign, in addition to typing, their names. You may mail a hard copy or email a scanned copy to the PSP office. Please submit this with your reimbursement requests. Here is a Spanish version.

Overnight Travel Guidelines for Mentors and Scholars:  Explains the guidelines for mentors and scholars about the types of overnight trips that PSP will approve. All overnight trips must be approved by PSP staff in advance. Please contact us with any questions or discuss trip ideas.

Trip Planning Form for Mentor/Scholar Travel: Use this form to request advance approval for all overnight trips. Here’s a version that you can type right into.

Waiver for Mentor/Scholar Overnight Trips: Use this form for overnight trips that mentors and scholars go on together. Mentors will need to fill in details about their trip before giving it to scholar(s) parents to sign. You can type directly into this form (open with Adobe), but please be sure to have parents/guardians sign, in addition to typing their names. Please be sure to review the overnight trip guidelines before submitting this permission form, which must be turned in to PSP before your trip begins. Here is a Spanish version.

REVISED Request Form for Purchases < $150: Use this form to request permission in advance to spend over $150 on any one item. Here’s a version that you can type right into.

Reimbursement Form: Mentors must submit reimbursement form with original receipts in order to be reimbursed for expenses. Receipts should be taped to a separate piece of paper for easy viewing. Please note that there is now a separate space on the form for you to list mileage for each trip you take. Here is a PDF version of the form in case you have trouble downloading as Excel.

Mentors should receive reimbursement within 10 working days of PSP’s receipt of your forms and receipts. You may email the forms, along with scanned copies of your receipts to us instead of mailing them if you prefer.

Mentor Agreement_SY17-18 All mentors must provide a signed agreement form indicating that they’ve reviewed and agree to follow the PSP guidelines.

Need ideas for activities with your scholars? Check out these lists that we compiled from our last mentor meeting! Feel free to explore the lists from other sites, they might have some activities you can participate in too!

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