National Mentor Month- Mentor Reflections

January 25, 2018 in Articles, Uncategorized by Joselyn Barrios

We asked our mentors why they dedicate their time to PSP and how their experiences are meaningful. Read their responses and shared photos below.

  • “I mentor because I am concerned about the growing levels of inequality in our country. Helping students who have no family members with college experience makes me feel like I am making a small step toward reversing that inequality. It is also rewarding to have conversations with my scholars about their lives and about the issues that are important to them, whether it is the latest sporting event or coping with natural disasters affecting loved ones.” – Alexander R., Ukiah


  • “The experience so far has been fabulous. Watching them grow and evolve as they experience all the “first time” experiences has been priceless. A few experiences have been a first time for me as well such as watching a live Soccer match or attending a cooking class (I don’t cook at all). The best part about mentoring is being able to change the lives of a young person and hopefully changing them for the better. I am really looking forward to going on some college field trips next year when they are sophomores and learning about their future plans as well as their high school journey thus far.” -Michelle B., Lennox

  • “I honestly don’t feel any “look at what I helped happen” emotions, instead it’s been such an honor to have been part of their lives and have followed the ups and downs over the years of their journeys. I know each will go forward into adulthood with resolve and a strong moral compass, doing their best to make a difference for others. I’m so grateful that PSP has facilitated these relationships and made such a difference in these young men’s lives!” – Jean L., Ukiah


  • “Dr. Langer’s idea of becoming even a small part of these Scholars lives was genius. Regardless of the students’backgrounds, this period of their lives is critical to their future endeavors. I feel privileged to be able to introduce them to new and hopefully relevant experiences. I hope we can bring them beyond textbooks and texting and add to their personal growth.”- Dr. Mark L., Lennox


  • “I am a mentor for PSP because I believe that my participation has a positive impact on the students I mentor, as well as having a positive impact on the future. The experience of being a mentor is meaningful because the scholars I mentor may decide to go into a career that will touch the lives of future generations in a positive manner, and therefore my time and effort as a mentor will indirectly impact the world, after I have passed on. Also, I do my best to model values for my scholars to emulate in their own lives, such as integrity, compassion, generosity, and responsibility.” – Jeff M., Lennox


  • “I think the most meaningful experience is when the experience could change their lives for the future. I have one scholar who visited Santa Barbara during the summer and now he wants to go there. Another scholar went to San Diego State and was able to tour the campus and wants to attend there in the fall. Another scholar went to the east cost and despite the snowstorms still wants to attend Columbia University. I know from my own personal experience how important it is to be able to tour the campus before applying and this program has helped them to do that!!!” -Mike B., Lennox


  • “I mentor this program as it is a great way to introduce the scholars to so much of what Los Angeles has to offer. We have a lot of fun and explore towns and neighborhoods together. The program is meaningful in that I learn so much from my scholars. They are both so smart and fun to be around!” -Tate T., Lennox