PSP’s Board of Trustees- What are you grateful for?

December 21, 2017 in Uncategorized by Joselyn Barrios

PSP has an 11 member board of trustees. They oversee the organization and we asked what they are grateful for this holiday season. We are grateful for their service and commitment to PSP and our PSP scholars.

Our Board Chair, Ms. Meg Sanchez says, “I’m grateful for more than 22 years of friendship with Dr. Glenn Langer, the founder of PSP. Because of him I have been involved in a program with wonderful, kind and intelligent scholars, mentors and donors, people I would not otherwise  have had the chance to know and spend time with. He will forever be my hero.” – Ms. Sanchez, Board Chair 

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“I am grateful for the countless volunteers who dedicate their time to serve our community.” –Dr. Bruce McDaniel, Past Chair 

“I am so grateful for the diverse team of student leaders I get to promote financial literacy with everyday at UCLA. I am also grateful for fitting in the time to practice yoga and hike in nature. We are so lucky to be surrounded with many great hiking trails in Los Angeles!” – Sara Potter, Trustee and Alumni Class of 2006

“I am grateful to have so many extraordinary people in my life — people who make my days brighter and more joyful. I am also grateful because my family is, once again, in good health overall.” –Walter Garcia, Trustee and Alumni Class of 2010