PSP Museum Outings

October 26, 2017 in Uncategorized by Joselyn Barrios

It’s PSP’s mission to provide both academic and cultural outings for our scholars. Museums are a fun way to learn about new topics and see interesting exhibits for all interests. Our scholars have gone to a wide range of museums this year from the Museum of Ice Cream to the Aquarium of the Bay. Our mentors and scholars share their favorite museum memories and photos with us below!

“We went to the San Jose Tech Museum. The kids were able to walk around wearing a headset and it measured their brainwaves and told them what kind of attitude and energy I had. There were so many things it’s hard to remember.” – Kim R., mentor from Fort Bragg

“The Museum of Ice Cream was very visual. I learned that the creator of the museum and exhibitions is a young woman who is 25 years old named Mary Elis Bunn. I’m grateful for this awesome opportunity!”- Jessica P., Lennox

“The Petersen Automotive Museum was really fun and we got to learn and see a lot. I learned how car styles have changed over time and how the invention of automobiles impacts our daily lives.” – Monse B., Lennox