Going above and beyond

February 22, 2017 in Articles by Dikla Tuchman

Last semester’s grades are in and an impressive 48 scholars – nearly a quarter  of our current scholars – have attained a 4.0 or better GPA. These  students continue to show great determination and strive for the very best, working hard to keep their grades at the highest level. While PSP requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 throughout the six years in the program, we are proud that many of our scholars are striving to achieve more in order to reach their dreams of attending top universities in California and around the country.

Students like senior Daniela P. at Ukiah High School are highly self-motivated to achieve a 4.0. “I know that having a GPA above a 3.5 is good enough for me and everyone that’s watching, like my parents or PSP, but inside I get a great amount of satisfaction with myself,” says Daniela. “I try for a 4.0 as much as I can even though I know I won’t get it most of the time and it’s okay when I don’t because I know I tried my best. But when I do reach that goal it feels really good inside.” Like most PSP scholars, Ukiah High School junior Ivan R. will be the first in his family to go to college and is determined to do what his older brother could not. “When my brother was in high school, he wasn’t able to keep a 4.0 because of language difficulties,” says Ivan. “I’ve proven that I’m capable of that and raised the bar. I’m pretty proud that I’m the first one in my family to have done that.”

Lennox junior, Norberto A. maintains a 4.0 with a full course load including AP Spanish, English and Psychology. He says he’s motivated by his family, as he –like many of our scholars –will be the first to attend college. “[My mom] is a single mother and I want to make her proud,” says Norberto. “My little brother is in the 6th grade and I am setting a good example for him.”  He attributes his participation in PSP to his good grades as well. The minimum 3.0 grade point average requirement for the program “kind of pushed me hard to get more than that,” says Norberto. South El Monte High School sophomore Patty L. echoes this sentiment, saying, “PSP is one of the main reasons I keep my grades up. Not only do I want to impress a variety of colleges and universities, but also my parents and others that are a part of the program; I want to prove that I have truly earned a spot as a scholar.”

So what’s their secret to success? Our 4.0 scholars use a range of study tactics to keep up with the demands of school and life. Eleventh grade scholar, Brittney R. from Ukiah is taking a full course load including three AP classes and three classes at the local community college. “Due to also playing two varsity sports and working, time management is a crucial study habit,” says Brittney. Most scholars agree on study habits that include having a quiet space to study, taking good notes, and review, review, review. Students also mentioned asking for help from teachers and other high-achieving students in the class with a good mastery of materials.

We offer our most heartfelt congratulations to our 4.0 scholars on this impressive achievement and encourage them to keep up the great work!